Monday, March 6, 2017

Sanity Point 30 The Stones Sing Us to the End Times

When I drove home, the sky was clear. Now, showered and with a cup of tea brewing, a sad gray finds its way through my window. Such are my emotions as I bring this blog to its close. When I started out, I was uncertain if I could pull it off. I feared my knowledge of the Mythos wasn’t strong enough to pump out 30 plot lines inspired by headlines. I’m jovial to discover it wasn’t difficult at all, and I’m so happy many people enjoyed the content of these writing exercises. I’m already going back over the plots and picking which ones I want to flesh out into full modules.
But before that, there’s one last sanity point left to lose. Then, my future will be determined by a roll on the madness table.
Not a fan of chip readers. Still waiting for retinal scans. WEGMANS TOOK MORE THAN A YEAR TO ROLL OUT CHIP CARD READERS. HERE'S WHY.  Political shots fired via billboards: "Thank You Chris Collins! — Your REAL constituents," says billboard that went up Monday in Hamburg.  Think summer with our rundown on Darien Lake concerts announced to date.

Local millionaire and Senator Wilbur Click avoids his constituents, who dislike his politics. He secretly is a member of a Cthulhu cult as has been working on hypnosis techniques through electronics. A company owned by him got the contract to install credit card chip readers at a popular chain of grocery stores so that when people use their credit card chip and stare at the screen for permission to remove the card, they’re victim to a series of rapid subliminal hypnotic messages, planting messages in their minds. The first message is to at all costs attend the Rolling Stones concert at the local outdoor amphitheater this summer. The Stones are also members of the Cthulhu cult. At the concert, the band uses their music to trigger the second part of the hypnosis: getting the crowd to chant in unison. The chant causes the stars to be rearranged and set the world right so Cthulhu can return.
The investigators are hired to look into a 65 year-old guitarist in a Rolling Stones cover band, who on stage flipped out and began chanting the ritual on stage as his band played. Apparently his regiment of drugs weakened the conditions for the hypnosis trigger to work.  It was by fate that an antiquarian familiar with a Cthulhu cult in New Orleans recognized the ramblings for what they were: a prayer to Cthulhu.

There you go, we have a world-ending story and a complete 30 Sanity-losing plot lines. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sanity Point 29 Were Ever You Go

So close to the finish now. I feel pressure to go out strong. I’m hoping for world-shattering, globe-trotting plots… and I fear I’ll have a tale of a little girl ghost in an attic. Like rolling on random tales, the headlines will take me where the story needs to be.
Here’s a sad story: “Go To The Hospital Dude,” a friend texted Wardel "Meech" Davis shortly before Davis died in police custody. This is cryptic. Passengers catching buses, trains at Syracuse station offer lesson for Buffalo.  And a place for maniacs to breech the laws of science. UB's new medical school, 75 percent done, will house even more students and faculty.

A pack of werewolves pose as religious zealots at bus and train stations in Syracuse, NY. They give money to the passers-by that’s coated in werewolf saliva, that can soak through the skin into the blood, transforming someone into a werewolf through prolonged contact, like being stuffed in someone’s pocket for a couple hours, and the saliva seeps through the pocket lining and skin into the blood. Victims suffer a fever and restlessness during their bus and train ride. Upon arriving at their destination, they are full-blooded werewolves. Anderson Strong signed up for free dental treatments at the new UB medical school, not knowing the water used to rinse his mouth by dentist-in-training Elijah Eddie was tainted with werewolf saliva. Eddie had been transformed into a werewolf when getting on a bus in Syracuse to return to school. Upon arrival, he dreamt of wolves whispering to spread their numbers.
The rinse concentration was too strong for a man to handle, and Strong suffered breathing problems and heart palpitations while driving home from the university. He was pulled over for eratic driving. The officers found a dying half-transformed werewolf at the wheel of his car. The investigators are hired to solve the mystery surrounding Strong’s death.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sanity Point 28 Opiate Loving Zombies and the Brains They're Addicted To

I have the pleasure of writing this an hour after getting cursed at by a bully of a customer at work and seeing how feeble it is to suggest not using certain language. The result of this verbal abuse was the shift supervisor asking the customer if everything was all right and assuring him we’ll try harder. And then the staff tried to joke the incident off. I know I handled it properly, but they have a problem with allowing bullies to treat the staff this way. I dedicate today’s headlines to that piece of shit and those people who allow such shit to flourish.

My twenty-something neighbor died of a heroin overdose. This was after she tried to kill her mother by beating her over the head repeatedly with a frying pan and letting her boyfriend take sole credit for the crime. Public health has long been her calling, but Erie County's opioid crisis is her biggest challenge yet.  The weather finally becomes winter: After warm and snowless February, Don Paul looks at forecasts for March. Speaking of spineless bullies, Trump administration reportedly considers drastic cuts in funding for Great Lakes restoration.

After federal cuts kill the Great Lakes restoration, lakeside businesses go belly up, making factories and warehouses a city haven for opiate users. The weather drops to sub-zero, those who don’t die from the opiates freeze to death. A scientist, Cecil Schiltgan, purchases the opium haven, ensuring the bodies inside aren’t found let alone removed. Cecil constructs a lab and uses various serums to try to reanimate the frozen corpses. The serum, combined with the opiates, create mindless violent monsters. The investigators become involved when the mother of a missing opiate addict contacts them, concerned about her daughter, Eugenie, who’s been missing since before the freeze. Will the mad scientist be caught? Will the investigators survive the subjects not yet destroyed by the doctor? What about Eugenie and the other monsters who escape, going on a tirade along the lake shore?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Sanity Point 27 Finding Yourself at the Falls

How many headlines can I get from one headline? THE 10: ART OF BEER, OLCOTT POLAR BEAR SWIM, SHAMROCK RUN. Here’s something for the pet lovers: "I thought I was going to die:" Man recounts plunge into Niagara River to save dog.  I had a choice between this headline and a child rapist being sentenced. Since this is a blog for people to be inspired by people to use at their own tables, I’d imagine most Keepers’ groups would have an issue with such a plot element. There are lines for everyone, even in a horror game like Call of Cthulhu. Know where those lines are when you prepare for your tables. For my weekly gaming group, I can imagine 3 players who would not have issue treading these waters. Another one, a proud new uncle, would feel uncomfortable. Another is a Catholic father of three and would certainly not want to be involved in such a storytelling endeavor. That’s fine. This is a game of horror, but it’s still a game which we play to have fun. If your group can handle the child rapist plot, should you be inspired by me and build your plots from the headlines, go ahead and feel free to use that headline. By all means. But as a sign of acknowledgment that this is way more than most groups could handle in their gaming, I’ll give it a pass and instead use: SolarCity, gearing up to open factory here, cut 3,000 jobs in 2016.

Rupert Franklin loved the water. He was a fisherman by trade and took his young family up and down the Niagara River on his boat every chance he got. Even the coldness of the Niagara River never bothered Rupert, who was vice president of the Buffalo Polar Bear Club. Rupert’s wife, Letitia, worried about physical changes her husband was undergoing: bulging head, watery blue eyes and a flat nose. Rupert claimed this happened to all men in his lineage and was nothing to get doctors involved with. One day, Rupert saw a dog fall into the Niagara River. Rupert dove in and rescued him, nearly being swept over the Falls in the process, He attributed his survival to his strong swimming skills, A local colony of Deep One hybrids recognized from pictures in the newspaper what Rupert was. They approached Rupert, who began spending considerable time with the hybrids, making his wife concerned. Then, Rupert disappeared. Letitia hired the investigators, who tracked him down to the Solar City factory being built on Lake Erie. After a final confrontation, the almost completely transformed Rupert asked the investigators to tell his wife goodbye, and the hybrids sailed for the sea. Will the investigators follow? Will they understand what they’ve witnessed?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sanity Point 26 Food Courts of Death

Just saw a headline about a Senator sending cease and desist letters to constituents who disagree with his political stance. I have it on good authority, Cthulhu will never send such a letter… and may even pay you a visit.
Similar to what I was just talking about: COLUMN: CHRIS COLLINS STEERS CLEAR OF HIS CONSTITUENTS. Former Presidents and vehicles of war: Bill Clinton is expected to attend the commissioning of new Navy ship in Buffalo in September. I never ate there, but I’ve been suspicious about it. Boulevard Mall owner wins $1.2 million judgment against Original Honey's restaurant.

After winning litigation against a chain restaurant at his mall, landowner Sebastian Dorman becomes inflicted with a disease that warps his flesh and produces pus-filled pustules on his body. Dorman’s convinced he’s been poisoned by the owners of Original Honey. He finds his considerable influence washed up as his appearance frightens politicians and socialites. Dorman hires the investigators to look into Original Honey.
It turns out Original Honey is owned by a cult that worships Shub-Niggurath. Sure enough, the cult directed their god to consume Dorman. But death isn’t what Shub-Niggurath has planned directly for Dorman. The disease works on his mind, so that Dorman becomes a thoughtless slave of the god. He’s tasked with obtaining barrels of special seeds cultivated by the cult and placing them in the powder kegs on board the SS Adamski for its ceremonial commissioning. The seeds, combined with gunpowder, fired from the ship over Lake Erie, will fertilize the lake, altering its bottom to become a kingdom in Shub-Niggurath’s image, giving birth to creatures that worship the god… and eventually take over Buffalo with their natural biological weapons.
Will the investigators stop the cannons from firing and bringing about the end of the Nickel City?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sanity Point 25 Death By Taco

The sun is shining for once. Perhaps March will have relief from the horrors I’ve experienced in February. But again, the winds keep howling, and the neighbors’ animals keep screeching at all hours. Assuming all is well might be a delirious wish.
Free tacos! Lloyd, Uber join forces to give Buffalo free tacos.  Weather for horror: A high wind warning with gusts of 60 mph or more has been issued for most of Western New York.  And of course some murder: DA gets OK to appeal reversal of Matthew Kuzdzal's murder conviction.

All Uber cars are hacked by an unknown source, demanding all cars rendezvous on the ramp leading to the Peace Bridge for a free taco party. High winds whip through the area as the taco party gets under way, whisking the cars into the Niagara River. One of the Uber cars whisked to its destructions held the DA in charge of Addison Warner’s murder appeal. The next day, there’s another Uber demand that all cars meet at Niagara Falls for free tacos. Another strong wind whisks another DA in the Warner case to his death. All Uber drivers who resist going to the party are shaken about by their cars until beaten unconscious. The cars drive themselves. At this point, the DA’s office hires the investigators to look into these Uber killings. Turns out Warner’s wife is favored by Nyarlathotep, who’s causing chaos while helping Warner’s wife.
The investigators, at some point, fight creations of Nyarlathotep that take the form of walking tacos, which squirt flesh-melting hot sauce.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sanity Point 24 Death on Wheels

Fatigue has taken hold, as if my life essence was being consumed while I slept. I barely have the strength to peer at the headlines.
Looks like we’re starting with haunted houses: TORN-DOWN TUESDAY: MAGNIFICENT MANSIONS OF DELAWARE AVENUE.  Tragic car accident: Pedestrian struck and killed by vehicle in North Tonawanda is identified. Finally, a life turned to darkness: "Lure of the streets was too much for" teen who was sentenced to prison for shooting at Metro Rail station.

Dr. Mortimer Smith rode the train to Buffalo and was annoyed by kids playing video games, people talking on the phone till three in the morning and babies hollering. Mortimer also noticed that as the night continued, the conductors came by fewer and fewer times. That’s when he decided to use chloroform and a scalpel to put the troublemakers to sleep and then cut them to death. Most of the people who weren’t troublemaking potential targets were fast asleep.  There were no witnesses to the killings. Dr. Smith got off the train earlier than planned, filled with adrenaline from his killings.
Soon, he was riding the train just for the thrill of killing during the witching hour. One time he got caught. Surprisingly, the woman who caught Dr. Smith in the act thanked him for the service he was providing and asked to be taught how to do what he’s doing.
It wasn’t long before Dr. Smith had a small army, flying on airplanes, riding on trains and busses, all eliminating the most annoying passengers. Dr. Smith bases his training grounds and base of operations out of a run down mansion on Delaware.
Gilbert Slaughter, a prominent lawyer whose son was shoved into traffic while rollerblading, hires the investigators to look into the series of murders related to his son’s death.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sanity Point 23 Parting Words

A parade of minivans, very similar to the make and model of my own, have begun following me. I look out my window and find them sitting on the street beneath my tree. Is it the vampires, or could it beone of the cults I’ve stumbled upon during this exercise in Mythos journalism? If the blog isn’t completed, you know something happened. And should you look into my demise, beware of the minivans.
Was the message delivered before or after her demise? COLUMN: HAMBURG HOCKEY COACH CARRIES MESSAGE OF LATE WIFE . Mudslinging and flagrant misuage of money: Get ready for what is expected to be a $1 million-plus Buffalo mayoral race. And finally violence in sports, again:ECC loses, player attacks referee in National Junior College hockey championship.

Buffalo Mayor Sterling Vallier, campaigns for reelection against Caleb McBurney. McBurney has a sorceror on staff and plots the current mayor’s demise with a ritual at a hockey tournament. Meanwhile, a coach whose team is playing at the tournament, Jackson Wang, is haunted by his wife’s ghost She repeats a phone number and the date of the tournament. Finally, Jackson calls the number, which belongs to the investigators. Can they stop the sorceror before he completes the ritual, and a whole team of hockey players beat the mayor to death with hockey sticks?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sanity Point 22 The Actress and the Hockey Player

Coldness has fallen over Buffalo once again. My teeth rattle, and I battle the urge to remain in bed, beneath several layers of blankets, away from all life. The futility of existence is getting to me. Only promises to care for wife and cat keep me moving at all.
First, it has to be the Academy Awards: COLUMN: WHO WILL WIN AT THE OSCARS ... AND WHO SHOULD. Teaching bad sportsmanship: Former Sabre Andrew Peters is suspended after video captures youth hockey fight. Finally, a protest: Transgender rights take center stage during rally at Niagara Square.

Sadie Razner, acclaimed actress and Academy Award nominee, is dating former Buffalo Sabres player, Archie Ozanich. When a scandal erupts that Ozanich has been encouraging the junior hockey players he coaches, Razner fears for her career. She turns to a voodoo houngan to summon a loa to take out her boyfriend. Pity from the boyfriend’s death will bury any scandal Ozanich was involved with.  Ozanich, escaping the loa at the hockey rink, turns to the investigators, who encounter the loa at a crowded demonstration at Niagara Square. Will the conniving actress be discovered? Will the loa be vanquished?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sanity Point 21 Sanitation Snacks

I spend at least the first half of each day in a stupor. The energy and life force that should fuel that time where the sun’s rising to its apex has not found me lately. People’ve warned me away from caffeine to get me through, but I pay them as much heed as a junkie can. This is what dabbling with the Mythos has done to me.
Here’s a tight political race. DNC chair vote moves to 2nd ballot after Snyder native Perez comes up one vote short.  Of course, political controversy. Falls mayor says Water Board execs deserved the boot; critics cry foul.  And finally messy corporate tales. Column: CTG's new CEO inherited a mess, but has a strategy to turn things around.
A vampire establishes himself in Niagara Falls as a socialite and runs for mayor, falling one vote short. The investigator into the political race turns up dead, puncture marks on his throat. The vampire, going by the name Walter Franklin, fires the water department’s staff and replaces them with fellow vampires. They abduct school buses filled with students visiting the Falls and drag the kids into the sewers, where the children serve as vampire chow. The empty buses are laced with evidence that makes it look like Syrian refugees infiltrating through Canada are responsible for the kids’ disappearance. The daughter of CTG CEO Cynthia Tillinghast is one of the abducted children. Tillinghast hires the investigators to look into her daughter’s disappearance.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sanity Point 20 Call of St Patrick

I sit exhausted at the keyboard. My dreams have been anything but restful. If anything, I feel like I’m trapped between nervous wakefulness and trapped in dreams just the other side of the veil sleep, where I’m assaulted by whispers and faceless horrors. “Too close. Too close,” the voices tell me. Are they warning me off or welcoming me to the madness that is my reward for the pursuit of truth behind the headlines?
First, the global warming file: BUFFALO BREAKS 111-YEAR-OLD RECORD FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE. Then, threatening the President: Man jailed 15 months for threatening Obama will now serve 2 years for threatening to kill President Trump. And finally, a holiday to pin the plot to. Travel + Leisure magazine includes Buffalo on short list of places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Only once every eon or so, the stars align to allow for the rising of the city of Ry’leh and the awakening of Cthulhu. The temperatures rise on land and sea, making conditions right for great Cthulhu to awaken to a warm surrounding. An artist receives visions from Cthulhu, depicting the Great Old One tearing the President apart limb from limb. The artist, Kirk Traver, painted an enormous mural overnight. He doesn’t remember doing so. He seemed to awaken from a dreaming state when police arrested him for painting the monstrous mural on the side of City Hall.  The former President, Obama, calls in a special task force of investigators. Apparently, Traver had similar visions three years ago and painted a similar mural. Obama put together a team to investigate a series of artists who painted similar images on the same evening, and couldn’t remember doing so. The current investigation coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, when people become so drunk, they open their minds to Cthulhu’ calling and go on rampages, killing in his name. Many Buffalo citizens are seized and hung from a makeshift likeness of Cthulhu in Niagara Square, in the shadow of Traver’s mural.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sanity Point 19 Bingo was his Name-O

The dread is starting to set in. After writing about people turning to food substances, I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream where I was touring the set of the new MST3K. At the end of the tour, I kept waiting and waiting for my ride to show up. When I stepped outside, I found everyone collapsed, a vile cat food-like smell and substance slowly leaking from their clothes.
First of all, a mystery about a senior citizen is put before us: CHEEKTOWAGA SACKS 89-YEAR-OLD BINGO INSPECTOR. Then, perhaps some mutilation is hinted at? Inquiring minds want to know: What happened to Ch. 4 anchor Don Postles' face?  And in the “but it isn’t global warming” file: More winter parking bans have been lifted in the suburbs.

Reporter Oliver Bleeker followed some leads about a cult in Cheetowaga that combined blood sacrifice with Bingo. Undercover and one such ceremony/game, Bleeker took pictures and published the story, resulting in 89-year old Newton Gore losing his job as Director of Community Affairs, which ran the Bingo game. Gore is a powerful sorcerer and priest of Hastur. He informed Hastur of Bleeker’s meddling, and the god swept the reporter out of his bed and dangled him dangerously close to the star Aldebaran, watching the body burn. Before the reporter could die, he was dumped back in his bed. His wife heard the bump of her husband’s “arrival” and found his charred form. She called the ambulance and has enlisted the investigators to uncover what happened to her husband.  As punishment for interfering with the sacrifices, Hastur’s slowly making the sun go nova, creating a stiflingly hot February. Meanwhile, the King In Yellow sics every enemy and reporter of the Buffalo senior citizens Hastur cult. Only the investigators can stop the killing and end of the world.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sanity Point 18 You Are What You Eat

It’s been two days since my last plot. Yesterday was spent gibbering to my analyst about how everyone at the hockey tournament was going to die. I was denied access to newspapers, despite my insistence the fate of man depended on me finding the hidden patterns in the headlines.
First, let’s set the mood: A dense fog advisory has been issued for parts of Western New York tonight.  Then give something creepy for everyone to eat: Ted's fans crowd restaurants for 90-cent hot dogs.  Finally, the plot is locked into being about food: Food critic Andrew Galarneau heats things up in search for some spicy food.

On a foggy night, mi-go descend on a ski lodge encroaching on their territory. They abduct cooks closing down the hot dog stand, remove their brains and turn them into agents. The boyfriend of one of the newly constructed agents calls the investigators about the 180 change in his girlfriend’s personality. Meanwhile, the stand’s hot dogs are all the rage. People can’t get enough of them. Regional food critics get addicted. However, once on the ski slopes, out in the cold, insulated in a skin-tight suit, the skiiers transform into a mush resembling the interior of the hot dogs.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sanity Point 17 Sacrifice of a President

When I began this project, it was a challenge to link the headlines into tales of horror. Perhaps I am hearing the call of Cthulhu more and more as I progress through this project. Maybe I’m figuring out the secrets of writing good horror plots. Whatever it is, as my sanity slowly drops, I continue to enjoy this exercise of madness.
Of course we start with the holiday: On this Presidents Day, take a look back at all the presidents who have passed through Buffalo.  Then the gratuitous political scandal. Someone spent $151,000 of Maziarz's campaign funds. Who?   Then we have an era: Buffalo in the '60s: Chronicles remembers ordering off the Your Host menu when a burger cost 35 cents.

In the early 60’s, a Cuban government-sponsored cult of Shub-Niggurath acquired half of a broken sacrificial dagger that when performed in a certain ritual will turn lush lands arid. A cult working for the US government has the other half. The Bay of Pigs was a covert operation to acquire the dagger. The government learns Cuban cult members are operating out of Dallas. They plan to use President Kennedy as bait to draw out the cult, which they hope to capture so they can learn where the Cuban half of the dagger’s stashed. The investigators are mercenaries hired by the government to be expendables, hunting the Cubans while Kennedy parades through downtown Dallas. Then, they’re sent to Cuba to steal the other half of the dagger.
The campaign funds headline works into this story as funneled money to equip and send in the investigators Mission Impossible style to Cuba.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sanity Point 16 High Sticking

Today looks challenging as I scan the headlines. The easiest of course is Body pulled from waters of Buffalo Harbor.. An interesting mass gathering event: The Labatt Blue Pond Hockey tourney continues today at RiverWorks. See if you know anyone who was there to play or watch on Saturday. Finally, we get what looks like Scifi: SpaceX launches for first time from historic Kennedy Space Center pad.

A private space rocket’s launched. Upon reentry it encounters a strange meteor that hadn’t registered on any radar. The rocket and meteor tumble down to Earth and crash in Lake Erie. A piece of the meteorite, plus the astronaut’s body, are pulled from the waters. Near the crash site, a hockey tournament is scheduled to take place, The Color From Outer Space that rode the meteor to Earth nests on the outskirts of the park where the hockey tournament will occur. The fauna and flora are all mutated by the Color. Animals turn up dead at the site. The hockey tournament begins regardless, and people turn up missing. The players and fans become amazingly violent. The investigators are called in to figure out what’s going on.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sanity Point 15 Endangered Species

Seriously, the Buffalo News did all the work for me in one headline: THE 10: LABATT POND HOCKEY, UNDIE RUN, ALIEN ABDUCTION. A good court drama: Defamation trial against Carl Paladino and Michael Caputo has been scheduled to begin next month. . And the end of America the beautiful: Longtime EPA adversary Scott Pruitt is confirmed to lead the agency.

The EPA is diminished. Endangered species begin dying out of existence at a rapid rate. Curious aliens start collecting all remaining endangered species to breed and live on another planet. One of these aliens, the Aiuetuithrhed, takes human form and goes by the name of Martin Moses. He becomes an activist and thorn in the side of the EPA’s corporate-friendly leader, Clinton Bessler. Bessler sets out to defame Moses, who sues. Bessler has Moses killed, and the autopsy reveals Moses wasn’t human. The investigators are sent in to learn all they can about Moses and become the only ones who can stop the Aiuetuithrhed from exterminating the human race.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sanity Point 14 Stay Dead

I came to the Lovecraft party later in life. I think it was the Achtung Cthulhu kickstarter that first captured my imagination, leading me to Barnes and Noble to purchase a collection of Lovecraft’s stories. What I found was a kindred spirit, an author who believed if we pierce enough levels of knowledge through science or exploration, our minds might not be able to handle the truth. People went bonkers when it was suggested the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe. People go nuts when it’s suggested that a benevolent god created the Earth in a handful of days and gave us jobs as gardeners.
What I see is a series of matter orbiting powerful masses, both on a cosmic and a microbiological level. There’s amazing amounts of empty space between the orbiting masses. Is that space really empty? How many levels macro and micro does this system of mass orbiting more powerful mass go? What will we find should we reach the biggest or smallest level of this system? Is there a biggest or smallest level? Would the concept of infinity drive us mad, like a shipwrecked victim constantly confronted with the concept of the ocean in contrast to himself and his raft?
Like the shipwreck victim, there’s the fear of monsters, sharks, lingering below. On a micro level, there are the elements that warp DNA and tear apart molecules. The creatures of Lovecraft’s imagination fits right in with these sharks and molecule-attackers.
And we are nothing more than a collection of these orbiting systems, vulnerable to things we can barely understand, but we do strive to figure out through science. And fear of what’s out there in space always makes a good horror or suspense tale.
In the spirit of this fear of what we might find… despite our ego keeping us digging for answers, I dedicate this blog and continue to enjoy the Call of Cthulhu RPG, as well as the works of Lovecraft.
May your remaining sanity points drop slowly.

Garrett Crowe

Headline number one challenges us to explore what horrors might be found in a hotel. I’ve never been there. GALLERY: LOOK INSIDE THE CURTISS HOTEL. People exercising their right to protest: Watch: Protesters disrupt Buffalo School Board meeting to call for Paladino's removal.  I’ve had a lot of Indian food lately, so I had to choose: Tandoori's ends run as one of the area's leading Indian restaurants.

A corrupt millionaire school board member’s poisoned to death at an Indian restaurant. He turns up alive, his corpse missing from the morgue, at the school board meeting. Investigators are called to figure out how the millionaire, August Felten, can cheat death.
Felten lives in the penthouse of the classic Brock Hotel, closed for massive restoration. Felten hired an occultist to open a time portal in his penthouse, allowing Felten to travel back in time and arrive before he initially went into the portal. Doing this several times, Felten has several duplicates of himself.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sanity Point 13 Lions and Tigers and Parking

Will my thirteenth sanity point be unluckily awful, or will it drive me to madness?
The first headline sounds like a plot from Scrubs. MEDICAL CAMPUS DOCS ASKED TO MAKE ROOM FOR PATIENT PARKING. We return to the zoo. Buffalo Zoo reports best attendance in nearly 30 years.  And another golden location for the story. Market Arcade, an architectural gem, is enjoying a resurgence.

An old sorcerer admitted to the Medical Campus becomes angry that he couldn’t find a parking space. He conducts a ritual from his hospital bed, drawing animals from the zoo to magically escape their exhibits and hunt doctors who park in patient parking spots. The zoo hires the investigators to find out what’s happening to their animals. They connect the zoo and campus disappearances and attacks. At the campus, the old sorcerer makes a point of befriending and aiding the team. When he’s identified as the cause of the trouble, he sneaks off to the Market Arcade and summons rhinos to protect him from the pursuing investigators.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sanity Point 12 Who Is a Zombie

The headlines are odd and so not what I thought they’d be on Valentine’s Day. Northwest Bank to spend $1.5 million on new regional headquarters in Amherst.  After owl's death at Forest Lawn, a plea to leave wildlife alone.  And one that provides a fun setting for hell breaking loose. TGI Fridays at Main and Transit in Amherst is closing.

Northeast Bank hires a genius eccentric architect to construct their new regional headquarters, located near Forest Lawn Cemetery. The architect, Henderson Bretz, is also an occultist and wants to design the banking headquarters to be a beacon of causing undeath within blocks of the property. Henderson wasn’t very happy about the bank foreclosing on his family’s house years ago. The cemetery responds to aggressive owls bothering mourners by hunting them. They rise as zombies and attack the neighborhood pub-eatery, SIM (Sorry It’s Monday). The investigators begin as patrons of the pub when the attack happens. When a bank employee dies of a heart attack on the job at the Northeast Bank HQ and rises as a zombie, the investigators are called in to determine what’s happening.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sanity Point 11 Settled Out of Court

I write today’s entry after having dental work. There’s something satisfying about thinking about the Cthulhu Mythos with half your face feeling absent.
First, one of the more bizarre political stories: EX-STUDENT WHO LOST SCHOOL BOARD RACE MAY SUE CITY.  More political shenanigans: Watchdog group finds $1.2 billion in fiscal gimmicks in Cuomo's proposed budget. And a heart-lifting  headline: Police efforts to raise money for ill 3-year-old boy get a big boost after word spreads.

Sidney Bessler, a 19 year old former student, ran for the Buffalo school board and lost. His opponent was funded by Governor Marcellus Rossini to trample the young idealist. Bessler is a rogue mi-go agent wanting to teach mankind the lore of his people. Frustrated by Jesus riding dinosaurs theories entering school curriculums, Bessler wants to enlighten the people. Governor Rossini’s newest advisor is also a mi-go agent, intent on destroying Bessler. Both Bessler and Rossini are scheduled to attend a police charity event that’s gotten national publicity.
The investigators are hired by Bessler to be his bodyguards at the function. Little do they know the Governor’s aid is looking to hack off Bessler’s head and disappear with hi brain.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sanity Point 10 Bloody Blizzard

Ah, big shocker. Snow hits Buffalo. Winter weather advisories posted for all of WNY. The continuing investigation into the dead inmate: Famed forensic pathologist says Holding Center inmate was suffocated.  Considering a lot of the people returned from WWI, this is appropriate: Salute to Our War Heroes: Pause from college provided gruesome education in war.

During the last days of WWI, the Germans used ancient rituals to broadcast a sleeper spy subliminal message to a group of US soldiers. The first time the affected US soldiers see snow, upon returning home, the hypnosis kicks in, and the former soldiers attack the nearest people. An inmate ex-soldier strangles his cellmate. Husbands attack their wives with steak knives at restaurants. The investigators must discover the patterns and confront the German scientist who set this in motion, after stopping affected soldiers who haven’t seen snow since their return from committing horrible crimes.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sanity Point 09 Interdimensional Stadium

The first headline recalls a plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood: Widow recalls the night that Flight 3407 crashed into her Clarence home. Big money for prime real estate: The Pegulas pay $7 million for a building in the Cobblestone District.  Finally, the classic denial of a new football stadium. There are no active discussions or activity concerning a new Bills stadium, Howard Zemsky says.

Sibyl Lynch, heir to a vast fortune and Mythos scholar, recognized signs surrounding the crash of an airliner as being related to the appearance of Dimensional Shamblers on board the doomed craft. The plane exploded in a residential neighborhood, and Sibyl believes she the shamblers leapt to another dimension before the crash. She wants to purchase the land and build a dimensional-containment box on the site, then use a ritual to make the Dimensional Shamblers reappear at the site they vanished… and trap them. To get public approval for this odd purchase and construction, she promised to donate the land to the Buffalo Bills, including the entire neighborhood, to be the site of a new stadium. Squire Kleeman, owner of the Bills, doesn’t trust Lynch and hires the investigators to find out what she’s really up to.

Friday, February 10, 2017

All Falls

Ah, politics starts the headline list: On CNN this morning, Rep. Chris Collins says he doesn't think any elected official should have to release tax returns. Police shooting turns the story very dark with: Teen sentenced to 19 years in prison for the attempted murder of a Buffalo police officer.  And Niagara Falls makes a wonderful spot for a finale, so : A grand lodge on Goat Island? Park advocates say "no."'

Worshipers of the Elder God Iav'aojhor, led by Governor Marcellus Rossini, know the focus of their worship slumbers behind and beneath Niagara Falls. Investigators suspecting the governor struggle to get his financial records to prove his involvement, but they fail to acquire the evidence. Governor Rossini plots to build a mansion on Goat Island, to serve as a center of worship of Iav'aojhor.
One young cult member sneaks onto Goat Island and finds a cave leading to Iav'aojhor’s lair. He emerges crazed and shoots a police officer. The investigators are charged with exploring the shooting, which leads to the cult, which leads to the horror beneath the Falls.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Red Room

Death and mystery abound with the headline: Autopsy did not identify what killed man involved in struggle with police officers Tuesday night. Thoughts of the Great Depression come to mind when I read: Column: Middle class taxpayers will pay if 'millionaires tax' ends. Finally, Owners of Ballyhoo plan restaurant in former Century Grill space on Pearl Street. Did the restaurant close for normal reasons, or should they have called the Ghostbusters first?

White Meat was a popular restaurant that drew in large crowds. It served human flesh to those who knew what to order off the menu. Investigators got too close to the truth, and the restaurant shut its doors and relocated across the state. One of the new owners was found running mad through downtown Buffalo after working at the location. He killed himself in the jail. The investigators are brought in to figure out what happened to the owner. Meanwhile, millionaires who had dined on flesh and had pictures of themselves taken at the restaurant and published in the socialite section of the newspaper, hire killers to stop the investigators before they uncover the room where the human victims were processed and evidence remains. Will the millionaires answer for their crimes?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sanity Point 06 The Elephant Ate My Baby

Let’s get cute. BUFFALO ZOO PLANS 'FIRST DATE' FOR AFFECTIONATE POLAR BEARS. Remember the CEO who resigned because of legal troubles from yesterday? LPCiminelli defendants claim $3.88 billion in lost projects as a result of federal probe.   Finally, something amazing: Grand Island resident has been declared Somalia's new president.

Qodwahn Jeffries of Grand Island, NY is visited by royal ambassadors from Somalia, informing him he’s the nation’s newest President. He’s given access to the nation’s wealth, and his advisors convince him to invest in Buffalo labor by purchasing the struggling auto plants and using them to manufacture tanks and humvees for foreign organizations.  To distract from the shady tank sales, Qodwahn donates to the zoo a rare elephant, with which they hope the zoo can breed. The elephant is similar to Somali elephants but is actually a creature from the Dreamlands and is a man eater. It indeed impregnates other elephants, which rapidly come to term and give birth to more man eating elephants. During this time, the elephants break free of their house and roam free, attacking any keepers.
The investigators are brought in to determine what the man eating elephants really are and are quickly whisked into adventure as they discover tanks and humvees made in Buffalo being maneuvered through the Dreamlands toward London and Washington DC.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sanity Point 005 Swimming Upstream

Logging into horror and goriness leapt right off the page at me. But how will I use VIDEO SHOWS LIFELESS INMATE WHEELED OUT OF HOLDING CENTER? Time for more evil corporations? National Fuel pipeline would cut through 192 WNY streams.   And to bring it all home: "JB" Walsh, noted figure in law, government and the arts, dies.

Entrepeneur and socialite Morgan Fandrick always wanted to build pipelines through various isolated streams in Western New York, but his efforts always resulted in death and destruction. He took matters into his own hands and took a shift guarding his pipeline. He encountered strange half-man half-lobster creatures emerging from the creek, twenty feet high and with the strength of five men. They easily used their pincers to cut through the pipes and nearly killed Morgan as he fired his pistol at them. Morgan shut down the pipeline, not because of environmental or social reasons, but to cover his butt and the damage done thusfar, Since then, Morgan’s fought to keep the monster-infested waters safe as nature preserves. After stepping down in his old age from running his company, the younger corporate stooges ignored their predecessor’s warning to leave the streams alone.
Morgan, knowing he was near death, confided in the one member of his company’s Board of Director’s he most trusted and told of the monsters. He even took him to see the creatures in all their horror. The site was too much, and the protege ran off into the night screaming. He was picked up by police, obviously deranged, and taken to the station house until he could be taken to the asylum. His heart gave out during the night. The police call in the investigators to look into this respected businessman’s bizarre final hours, leading them to Morgan and the secret of the streams. I’d run it where Morgan takes his own life after returning home from taking his protege to the streams, convinced the monsters got the young man. Then, the investigators would have to go through Morgan’s records and go to the stream themselves to discover the true horror.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sanity Point 04 Little Britain of South Buffalo

The Monday headlines include: CEO Louis Ciminelli, two other executives facing charges resign from company, Report: City of Buffalo and Buffalo Police issue order to shut down Maggie's on Military Road following weekend shooting and Parker's to re-create British village – complete with rain – in South Buffalo.

Dayton McCarney, a janitor for Buffalo Life and Security, stumbled on a secret compartment in CEO Baxter’s office, including an ancient tome and various frozen human glands.  McCarney tried to cover up his accidental discovery. Baxter sent goons to gun down McCarney at the local watering hole. The investigators are called in to look into the murder. The killers took several injuries but regenerated within a minute, various witnesses claim.  The trail leads back to the thugs then to Baxter, who lives in a recreation of a British village, complete with employees paid to play the roles of the barkeep and the baker. Baxter’s actually 220 years old and has been prolonging his life by consuming various human glands. The investigators must make a stand against Baxter and his loyal “old timey British” posse.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sanity Point 03 Evil and Ice Cream

The day’s headlines include: Bid farewell to Cherry Creek, a farming village that will exist no more, Test your Super Bowl knowledge with this trivia quiz and my favorite:
Renovations to Parkside Candy (seriously, this is a wonderful place for a date— it’s like walking through time).

A cult based in an ice cream-candy shop wrote and released to the newspaper a sports-related quiz. The crossword puzzle, when properly filled out, creates a series of patterns that serve as part of a ritual. When copied numerous times, they summon a Dhole, a gargantuan burrowing creature, to appear beneath Cherry Creek farming village. The village is a secret base of another cult dedicated to destroying the cult at the ice cream shop. A paranoid cryptographer finds odd patterns in the crossword puzzle and hires the investigators to look into the mysterious puzzle. Will the case be cracked before an entire village is swallowed by a giant worm?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sanity Point 02 Hungry, Hungry Monsters

The headlines today included: Fate of Boulevard Mall Unknown,  One Son Blinded, the Other Slain, and Amish Teenager Killed in Logging Accident. The story jumps out at me as a horror story where the monster’s inadvertently transported from location to location and grows bigger and more powerful over time. Not satisfied with birds and cats as a dietary source, young humans fit the bill as possible food sources.

Eggs for flying creatures were kept in an isolated tree in Amish country. When an Amish teenager tried to cut down the tree, the mother arrived and slew the teen. Two eggs fell from the tree, hatched, and the frightened creatures fled. They found a family broke down alongside the road and snuck into the vehicle as it was being fixed, seeking warmth. Once back in Buffalo, the creatures sought food, consuming neighborhood pets. They grew in size until they were able to take on neighborhood children.
The investigators are hired to look into the attacks on the kids and pets and are led to a department store shut down because of the depression. The creatures use the store as their lair. Creeping through the store, the investigators eventually come face to face with the winged beasts.

Sanity Point 01 Herbert Hoovers Bad Day

My first batch of headlines were scrawled down on a sheet of paper that lay for two days next to my bed, like a clue waiting to be found by an investigator and perplex them over the meaning. The headline snippets I wrote included: Trump Diplomacy, Bacon Surplus, No Vote and Dancing [to Better Health].
It’s far too political and easy to write 30 Trump is Cthulhu adventures, so I’ll avoid this by going back to the classical era.
President Herbert Hoover’s in desperate times with the Great Depression and all. His advisors suggest Executive Orders that isolate the United States from the rest of the world, shutting the door to immigrants and curtailing freedoms. What President Hoover doesn’t know is his advisors are members of a cult that worship Azathoth, the god at the center of the universe, the mad king surrounded by flautists, drummers and dancers.
As the advisors feed the President increasingly bad ideas, making him America’s mad king, driving the Depression, they have flautists, drummers and dancers kidnapped from the National Ballet, a jazz club and the National Orchestra. After dinner each night, the artists are forced to play for their Commander in Chief while beneath them herds of pigs are slaughtered. This is a ritual to use Hoover as a vessel to channel Azathoth Himself.
It’s only a matter of time before enough pig blood’s spilled and artists are kidnapped before the ritual works, and the duped President is destroyed to make way for Azathoth.
The investigators are brought into this by looking into the missing dancers, drummers and flautists. These individual investigations all lead to shady acts going on in the White House.