Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sanity Point 02 Hungry, Hungry Monsters

The headlines today included: Fate of Boulevard Mall Unknown,  One Son Blinded, the Other Slain, and Amish Teenager Killed in Logging Accident. The story jumps out at me as a horror story where the monster’s inadvertently transported from location to location and grows bigger and more powerful over time. Not satisfied with birds and cats as a dietary source, young humans fit the bill as possible food sources.

Eggs for flying creatures were kept in an isolated tree in Amish country. When an Amish teenager tried to cut down the tree, the mother arrived and slew the teen. Two eggs fell from the tree, hatched, and the frightened creatures fled. They found a family broke down alongside the road and snuck into the vehicle as it was being fixed, seeking warmth. Once back in Buffalo, the creatures sought food, consuming neighborhood pets. They grew in size until they were able to take on neighborhood children.
The investigators are hired to look into the attacks on the kids and pets and are led to a department store shut down because of the depression. The creatures use the store as their lair. Creeping through the store, the investigators eventually come face to face with the winged beasts.

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