Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sanity Point 22 The Actress and the Hockey Player

Coldness has fallen over Buffalo once again. My teeth rattle, and I battle the urge to remain in bed, beneath several layers of blankets, away from all life. The futility of existence is getting to me. Only promises to care for wife and cat keep me moving at all.
First, it has to be the Academy Awards: COLUMN: WHO WILL WIN AT THE OSCARS ... AND WHO SHOULD. Teaching bad sportsmanship: Former Sabre Andrew Peters is suspended after video captures youth hockey fight. Finally, a protest: Transgender rights take center stage during rally at Niagara Square.

Sadie Razner, acclaimed actress and Academy Award nominee, is dating former Buffalo Sabres player, Archie Ozanich. When a scandal erupts that Ozanich has been encouraging the junior hockey players he coaches, Razner fears for her career. She turns to a voodoo houngan to summon a loa to take out her boyfriend. Pity from the boyfriend’s death will bury any scandal Ozanich was involved with.  Ozanich, escaping the loa at the hockey rink, turns to the investigators, who encounter the loa at a crowded demonstration at Niagara Square. Will the conniving actress be discovered? Will the loa be vanquished?

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