Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sanity Point 06 The Elephant Ate My Baby

Let’s get cute. BUFFALO ZOO PLANS 'FIRST DATE' FOR AFFECTIONATE POLAR BEARS. Remember the CEO who resigned because of legal troubles from yesterday? LPCiminelli defendants claim $3.88 billion in lost projects as a result of federal probe.   Finally, something amazing: Grand Island resident has been declared Somalia's new president.

Qodwahn Jeffries of Grand Island, NY is visited by royal ambassadors from Somalia, informing him he’s the nation’s newest President. He’s given access to the nation’s wealth, and his advisors convince him to invest in Buffalo labor by purchasing the struggling auto plants and using them to manufacture tanks and humvees for foreign organizations.  To distract from the shady tank sales, Qodwahn donates to the zoo a rare elephant, with which they hope the zoo can breed. The elephant is similar to Somali elephants but is actually a creature from the Dreamlands and is a man eater. It indeed impregnates other elephants, which rapidly come to term and give birth to more man eating elephants. During this time, the elephants break free of their house and roam free, attacking any keepers.
The investigators are brought in to determine what the man eating elephants really are and are quickly whisked into adventure as they discover tanks and humvees made in Buffalo being maneuvered through the Dreamlands toward London and Washington DC.

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