Monday, February 20, 2017

Sanity Point 17 Sacrifice of a President

When I began this project, it was a challenge to link the headlines into tales of horror. Perhaps I am hearing the call of Cthulhu more and more as I progress through this project. Maybe I’m figuring out the secrets of writing good horror plots. Whatever it is, as my sanity slowly drops, I continue to enjoy this exercise of madness.
Of course we start with the holiday: On this Presidents Day, take a look back at all the presidents who have passed through Buffalo.  Then the gratuitous political scandal. Someone spent $151,000 of Maziarz's campaign funds. Who?   Then we have an era: Buffalo in the '60s: Chronicles remembers ordering off the Your Host menu when a burger cost 35 cents.

In the early 60’s, a Cuban government-sponsored cult of Shub-Niggurath acquired half of a broken sacrificial dagger that when performed in a certain ritual will turn lush lands arid. A cult working for the US government has the other half. The Bay of Pigs was a covert operation to acquire the dagger. The government learns Cuban cult members are operating out of Dallas. They plan to use President Kennedy as bait to draw out the cult, which they hope to capture so they can learn where the Cuban half of the dagger’s stashed. The investigators are mercenaries hired by the government to be expendables, hunting the Cubans while Kennedy parades through downtown Dallas. Then, they’re sent to Cuba to steal the other half of the dagger.
The campaign funds headline works into this story as funneled money to equip and send in the investigators Mission Impossible style to Cuba.

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