Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sanity Point 10 Bloody Blizzard

Ah, big shocker. Snow hits Buffalo. Winter weather advisories posted for all of WNY. The continuing investigation into the dead inmate: Famed forensic pathologist says Holding Center inmate was suffocated.  Considering a lot of the people returned from WWI, this is appropriate: Salute to Our War Heroes: Pause from college provided gruesome education in war.

During the last days of WWI, the Germans used ancient rituals to broadcast a sleeper spy subliminal message to a group of US soldiers. The first time the affected US soldiers see snow, upon returning home, the hypnosis kicks in, and the former soldiers attack the nearest people. An inmate ex-soldier strangles his cellmate. Husbands attack their wives with steak knives at restaurants. The investigators must discover the patterns and confront the German scientist who set this in motion, after stopping affected soldiers who haven’t seen snow since their return from committing horrible crimes.

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