Friday, February 10, 2017

All Falls

Ah, politics starts the headline list: On CNN this morning, Rep. Chris Collins says he doesn't think any elected official should have to release tax returns. Police shooting turns the story very dark with: Teen sentenced to 19 years in prison for the attempted murder of a Buffalo police officer.  And Niagara Falls makes a wonderful spot for a finale, so : A grand lodge on Goat Island? Park advocates say "no."'

Worshipers of the Elder God Iav'aojhor, led by Governor Marcellus Rossini, know the focus of their worship slumbers behind and beneath Niagara Falls. Investigators suspecting the governor struggle to get his financial records to prove his involvement, but they fail to acquire the evidence. Governor Rossini plots to build a mansion on Goat Island, to serve as a center of worship of Iav'aojhor.
One young cult member sneaks onto Goat Island and finds a cave leading to Iav'aojhor’s lair. He emerges crazed and shoots a police officer. The investigators are charged with exploring the shooting, which leads to the cult, which leads to the horror beneath the Falls.

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