Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Red Room

Death and mystery abound with the headline: Autopsy did not identify what killed man involved in struggle with police officers Tuesday night. Thoughts of the Great Depression come to mind when I read: Column: Middle class taxpayers will pay if 'millionaires tax' ends. Finally, Owners of Ballyhoo plan restaurant in former Century Grill space on Pearl Street. Did the restaurant close for normal reasons, or should they have called the Ghostbusters first?

White Meat was a popular restaurant that drew in large crowds. It served human flesh to those who knew what to order off the menu. Investigators got too close to the truth, and the restaurant shut its doors and relocated across the state. One of the new owners was found running mad through downtown Buffalo after working at the location. He killed himself in the jail. The investigators are brought in to figure out what happened to the owner. Meanwhile, millionaires who had dined on flesh and had pictures of themselves taken at the restaurant and published in the socialite section of the newspaper, hire killers to stop the investigators before they uncover the room where the human victims were processed and evidence remains. Will the millionaires answer for their crimes?

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