Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sanity Point 005 Swimming Upstream

Logging into buffalonews.com horror and goriness leapt right off the page at me. But how will I use VIDEO SHOWS LIFELESS INMATE WHEELED OUT OF HOLDING CENTER? Time for more evil corporations? National Fuel pipeline would cut through 192 WNY streams.   And to bring it all home: "JB" Walsh, noted figure in law, government and the arts, dies.

Entrepeneur and socialite Morgan Fandrick always wanted to build pipelines through various isolated streams in Western New York, but his efforts always resulted in death and destruction. He took matters into his own hands and took a shift guarding his pipeline. He encountered strange half-man half-lobster creatures emerging from the creek, twenty feet high and with the strength of five men. They easily used their pincers to cut through the pipes and nearly killed Morgan as he fired his pistol at them. Morgan shut down the pipeline, not because of environmental or social reasons, but to cover his butt and the damage done thusfar, Since then, Morgan’s fought to keep the monster-infested waters safe as nature preserves. After stepping down in his old age from running his company, the younger corporate stooges ignored their predecessor’s warning to leave the streams alone.
Morgan, knowing he was near death, confided in the one member of his company’s Board of Director’s he most trusted and told of the monsters. He even took him to see the creatures in all their horror. The site was too much, and the protege ran off into the night screaming. He was picked up by police, obviously deranged, and taken to the station house until he could be taken to the asylum. His heart gave out during the night. The police call in the investigators to look into this respected businessman’s bizarre final hours, leading them to Morgan and the secret of the streams. I’d run it where Morgan takes his own life after returning home from taking his protege to the streams, convinced the monsters got the young man. Then, the investigators would have to go through Morgan’s records and go to the stream themselves to discover the true horror.

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