Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sanity Point 18 You Are What You Eat

It’s been two days since my last plot. Yesterday was spent gibbering to my analyst about how everyone at the hockey tournament was going to die. I was denied access to newspapers, despite my insistence the fate of man depended on me finding the hidden patterns in the headlines.
First, let’s set the mood: A dense fog advisory has been issued for parts of Western New York tonight.  Then give something creepy for everyone to eat: Ted's fans crowd restaurants for 90-cent hot dogs.  Finally, the plot is locked into being about food: Food critic Andrew Galarneau heats things up in search for some spicy food.

On a foggy night, mi-go descend on a ski lodge encroaching on their territory. They abduct cooks closing down the hot dog stand, remove their brains and turn them into agents. The boyfriend of one of the newly constructed agents calls the investigators about the 180 change in his girlfriend’s personality. Meanwhile, the stand’s hot dogs are all the rage. People can’t get enough of them. Regional food critics get addicted. However, once on the ski slopes, out in the cold, insulated in a skin-tight suit, the skiiers transform into a mush resembling the interior of the hot dogs.


  1. Or, the customers devour the hot dog, then go up and start writing emails and letters opposed to the development of the mi-go land.

  2. Or they go higher up the mountain instead of skiing back down and have their brains replaced with agents who write those letters. Cunning. More heads chopped open.