Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sanity Point 13 Lions and Tigers and Parking

Will my thirteenth sanity point be unluckily awful, or will it drive me to madness?
The first headline sounds like a plot from Scrubs. MEDICAL CAMPUS DOCS ASKED TO MAKE ROOM FOR PATIENT PARKING. We return to the zoo. Buffalo Zoo reports best attendance in nearly 30 years.  And another golden location for the story. Market Arcade, an architectural gem, is enjoying a resurgence.

An old sorcerer admitted to the Medical Campus becomes angry that he couldn’t find a parking space. He conducts a ritual from his hospital bed, drawing animals from the zoo to magically escape their exhibits and hunt doctors who park in patient parking spots. The zoo hires the investigators to find out what’s happening to their animals. They connect the zoo and campus disappearances and attacks. At the campus, the old sorcerer makes a point of befriending and aiding the team. When he’s identified as the cause of the trouble, he sneaks off to the Market Arcade and summons rhinos to protect him from the pursuing investigators.

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