Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sanity Point 21 Sanitation Snacks

I spend at least the first half of each day in a stupor. The energy and life force that should fuel that time where the sun’s rising to its apex has not found me lately. People’ve warned me away from caffeine to get me through, but I pay them as much heed as a junkie can. This is what dabbling with the Mythos has done to me.
Here’s a tight political race. DNC chair vote moves to 2nd ballot after Snyder native Perez comes up one vote short.  Of course, political controversy. Falls mayor says Water Board execs deserved the boot; critics cry foul.  And finally messy corporate tales. Column: CTG's new CEO inherited a mess, but has a strategy to turn things around.
A vampire establishes himself in Niagara Falls as a socialite and runs for mayor, falling one vote short. The investigator into the political race turns up dead, puncture marks on his throat. The vampire, going by the name Walter Franklin, fires the water department’s staff and replaces them with fellow vampires. They abduct school buses filled with students visiting the Falls and drag the kids into the sewers, where the children serve as vampire chow. The empty buses are laced with evidence that makes it look like Syrian refugees infiltrating through Canada are responsible for the kids’ disappearance. The daughter of CTG CEO Cynthia Tillinghast is one of the abducted children. Tillinghast hires the investigators to look into her daughter’s disappearance.

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