Monday, February 27, 2017

Sanity Point 23 Parting Words

A parade of minivans, very similar to the make and model of my own, have begun following me. I look out my window and find them sitting on the street beneath my tree. Is it the vampires, or could it beone of the cults I’ve stumbled upon during this exercise in Mythos journalism? If the blog isn’t completed, you know something happened. And should you look into my demise, beware of the minivans.
Was the message delivered before or after her demise? COLUMN: HAMBURG HOCKEY COACH CARRIES MESSAGE OF LATE WIFE . Mudslinging and flagrant misuage of money: Get ready for what is expected to be a $1 million-plus Buffalo mayoral race. And finally violence in sports, again:ECC loses, player attacks referee in National Junior College hockey championship.

Buffalo Mayor Sterling Vallier, campaigns for reelection against Caleb McBurney. McBurney has a sorceror on staff and plots the current mayor’s demise with a ritual at a hockey tournament. Meanwhile, a coach whose team is playing at the tournament, Jackson Wang, is haunted by his wife’s ghost She repeats a phone number and the date of the tournament. Finally, Jackson calls the number, which belongs to the investigators. Can they stop the sorceror before he completes the ritual, and a whole team of hockey players beat the mayor to death with hockey sticks?

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