Monday, February 6, 2017

Sanity Point 04 Little Britain of South Buffalo

The Monday headlines include: CEO Louis Ciminelli, two other executives facing charges resign from company, Report: City of Buffalo and Buffalo Police issue order to shut down Maggie's on Military Road following weekend shooting and Parker's to re-create British village – complete with rain – in South Buffalo.

Dayton McCarney, a janitor for Buffalo Life and Security, stumbled on a secret compartment in CEO Baxter’s office, including an ancient tome and various frozen human glands.  McCarney tried to cover up his accidental discovery. Baxter sent goons to gun down McCarney at the local watering hole. The investigators are called in to look into the murder. The killers took several injuries but regenerated within a minute, various witnesses claim.  The trail leads back to the thugs then to Baxter, who lives in a recreation of a British village, complete with employees paid to play the roles of the barkeep and the baker. Baxter’s actually 220 years old and has been prolonging his life by consuming various human glands. The investigators must make a stand against Baxter and his loyal “old timey British” posse.

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