Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sanity Point 14 Stay Dead

I came to the Lovecraft party later in life. I think it was the Achtung Cthulhu kickstarter that first captured my imagination, leading me to Barnes and Noble to purchase a collection of Lovecraft’s stories. What I found was a kindred spirit, an author who believed if we pierce enough levels of knowledge through science or exploration, our minds might not be able to handle the truth. People went bonkers when it was suggested the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe. People go nuts when it’s suggested that a benevolent god created the Earth in a handful of days and gave us jobs as gardeners.
What I see is a series of matter orbiting powerful masses, both on a cosmic and a microbiological level. There’s amazing amounts of empty space between the orbiting masses. Is that space really empty? How many levels macro and micro does this system of mass orbiting more powerful mass go? What will we find should we reach the biggest or smallest level of this system? Is there a biggest or smallest level? Would the concept of infinity drive us mad, like a shipwrecked victim constantly confronted with the concept of the ocean in contrast to himself and his raft?
Like the shipwreck victim, there’s the fear of monsters, sharks, lingering below. On a micro level, there are the elements that warp DNA and tear apart molecules. The creatures of Lovecraft’s imagination fits right in with these sharks and molecule-attackers.
And we are nothing more than a collection of these orbiting systems, vulnerable to things we can barely understand, but we do strive to figure out through science. And fear of what’s out there in space always makes a good horror or suspense tale.
In the spirit of this fear of what we might find… despite our ego keeping us digging for answers, I dedicate this blog and continue to enjoy the Call of Cthulhu RPG, as well as the works of Lovecraft.
May your remaining sanity points drop slowly.

Garrett Crowe

Headline number one challenges us to explore what horrors might be found in a hotel. I’ve never been there. GALLERY: LOOK INSIDE THE CURTISS HOTEL. People exercising their right to protest: Watch: Protesters disrupt Buffalo School Board meeting to call for Paladino's removal.  I’ve had a lot of Indian food lately, so I had to choose: Tandoori's ends run as one of the area's leading Indian restaurants.

A corrupt millionaire school board member’s poisoned to death at an Indian restaurant. He turns up alive, his corpse missing from the morgue, at the school board meeting. Investigators are called to figure out how the millionaire, August Felten, can cheat death.
Felten lives in the penthouse of the classic Brock Hotel, closed for massive restoration. Felten hired an occultist to open a time portal in his penthouse, allowing Felten to travel back in time and arrive before he initially went into the portal. Doing this several times, Felten has several duplicates of himself.

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