Friday, February 24, 2017

Sanity Point 20 Call of St Patrick

I sit exhausted at the keyboard. My dreams have been anything but restful. If anything, I feel like I’m trapped between nervous wakefulness and trapped in dreams just the other side of the veil sleep, where I’m assaulted by whispers and faceless horrors. “Too close. Too close,” the voices tell me. Are they warning me off or welcoming me to the madness that is my reward for the pursuit of truth behind the headlines?
First, the global warming file: BUFFALO BREAKS 111-YEAR-OLD RECORD FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE. Then, threatening the President: Man jailed 15 months for threatening Obama will now serve 2 years for threatening to kill President Trump. And finally, a holiday to pin the plot to. Travel + Leisure magazine includes Buffalo on short list of places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Only once every eon or so, the stars align to allow for the rising of the city of Ry’leh and the awakening of Cthulhu. The temperatures rise on land and sea, making conditions right for great Cthulhu to awaken to a warm surrounding. An artist receives visions from Cthulhu, depicting the Great Old One tearing the President apart limb from limb. The artist, Kirk Traver, painted an enormous mural overnight. He doesn’t remember doing so. He seemed to awaken from a dreaming state when police arrested him for painting the monstrous mural on the side of City Hall.  The former President, Obama, calls in a special task force of investigators. Apparently, Traver had similar visions three years ago and painted a similar mural. Obama put together a team to investigate a series of artists who painted similar images on the same evening, and couldn’t remember doing so. The current investigation coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, when people become so drunk, they open their minds to Cthulhu’ calling and go on rampages, killing in his name. Many Buffalo citizens are seized and hung from a makeshift likeness of Cthulhu in Niagara Square, in the shadow of Traver’s mural.

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