Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sanity Point 01 Herbert Hoovers Bad Day

My first batch of headlines were scrawled down on a sheet of paper that lay for two days next to my bed, like a clue waiting to be found by an investigator and perplex them over the meaning. The headline snippets I wrote included: Trump Diplomacy, Bacon Surplus, No Vote and Dancing [to Better Health].
It’s far too political and easy to write 30 Trump is Cthulhu adventures, so I’ll avoid this by going back to the classical era.
President Herbert Hoover’s in desperate times with the Great Depression and all. His advisors suggest Executive Orders that isolate the United States from the rest of the world, shutting the door to immigrants and curtailing freedoms. What President Hoover doesn’t know is his advisors are members of a cult that worship Azathoth, the god at the center of the universe, the mad king surrounded by flautists, drummers and dancers.
As the advisors feed the President increasingly bad ideas, making him America’s mad king, driving the Depression, they have flautists, drummers and dancers kidnapped from the National Ballet, a jazz club and the National Orchestra. After dinner each night, the artists are forced to play for their Commander in Chief while beneath them herds of pigs are slaughtered. This is a ritual to use Hoover as a vessel to channel Azathoth Himself.
It’s only a matter of time before enough pig blood’s spilled and artists are kidnapped before the ritual works, and the duped President is destroyed to make way for Azathoth.
The investigators are brought into this by looking into the missing dancers, drummers and flautists. These individual investigations all lead to shady acts going on in the White House.

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