Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sanity Point 24 Death on Wheels

Fatigue has taken hold, as if my life essence was being consumed while I slept. I barely have the strength to peer at the headlines.
Looks like we’re starting with haunted houses: TORN-DOWN TUESDAY: MAGNIFICENT MANSIONS OF DELAWARE AVENUE.  Tragic car accident: Pedestrian struck and killed by vehicle in North Tonawanda is identified. Finally, a life turned to darkness: "Lure of the streets was too much for" teen who was sentenced to prison for shooting at Metro Rail station.

Dr. Mortimer Smith rode the train to Buffalo and was annoyed by kids playing video games, people talking on the phone till three in the morning and babies hollering. Mortimer also noticed that as the night continued, the conductors came by fewer and fewer times. That’s when he decided to use chloroform and a scalpel to put the troublemakers to sleep and then cut them to death. Most of the people who weren’t troublemaking potential targets were fast asleep.  There were no witnesses to the killings. Dr. Smith got off the train earlier than planned, filled with adrenaline from his killings.
Soon, he was riding the train just for the thrill of killing during the witching hour. One time he got caught. Surprisingly, the woman who caught Dr. Smith in the act thanked him for the service he was providing and asked to be taught how to do what he’s doing.
It wasn’t long before Dr. Smith had a small army, flying on airplanes, riding on trains and busses, all eliminating the most annoying passengers. Dr. Smith bases his training grounds and base of operations out of a run down mansion on Delaware.
Gilbert Slaughter, a prominent lawyer whose son was shoved into traffic while rollerblading, hires the investigators to look into the series of murders related to his son’s death.

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