Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sanity Point 12 Who Is a Zombie

The headlines are odd and so not what I thought they’d be on Valentine’s Day. Northwest Bank to spend $1.5 million on new regional headquarters in Amherst.  After owl's death at Forest Lawn, a plea to leave wildlife alone.  And one that provides a fun setting for hell breaking loose. TGI Fridays at Main and Transit in Amherst is closing.

Northeast Bank hires a genius eccentric architect to construct their new regional headquarters, located near Forest Lawn Cemetery. The architect, Henderson Bretz, is also an occultist and wants to design the banking headquarters to be a beacon of causing undeath within blocks of the property. Henderson wasn’t very happy about the bank foreclosing on his family’s house years ago. The cemetery responds to aggressive owls bothering mourners by hunting them. They rise as zombies and attack the neighborhood pub-eatery, SIM (Sorry It’s Monday). The investigators begin as patrons of the pub when the attack happens. When a bank employee dies of a heart attack on the job at the Northeast Bank HQ and rises as a zombie, the investigators are called in to determine what’s happening.

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