Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sanity Point 03 Evil and Ice Cream

The day’s headlines include: Bid farewell to Cherry Creek, a farming village that will exist no more, Test your Super Bowl knowledge with this trivia quiz and my favorite:
Renovations to Parkside Candy (seriously, this is a wonderful place for a date— it’s like walking through time).

A cult based in an ice cream-candy shop wrote and released to the newspaper a sports-related quiz. The crossword puzzle, when properly filled out, creates a series of patterns that serve as part of a ritual. When copied numerous times, they summon a Dhole, a gargantuan burrowing creature, to appear beneath Cherry Creek farming village. The village is a secret base of another cult dedicated to destroying the cult at the ice cream shop. A paranoid cryptographer finds odd patterns in the crossword puzzle and hires the investigators to look into the mysterious puzzle. Will the case be cracked before an entire village is swallowed by a giant worm?

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