Monday, February 13, 2017

Sanity Point 11 Settled Out of Court

I write today’s entry after having dental work. There’s something satisfying about thinking about the Cthulhu Mythos with half your face feeling absent.
First, one of the more bizarre political stories: EX-STUDENT WHO LOST SCHOOL BOARD RACE MAY SUE CITY.  More political shenanigans: Watchdog group finds $1.2 billion in fiscal gimmicks in Cuomo's proposed budget. And a heart-lifting  headline: Police efforts to raise money for ill 3-year-old boy get a big boost after word spreads.

Sidney Bessler, a 19 year old former student, ran for the Buffalo school board and lost. His opponent was funded by Governor Marcellus Rossini to trample the young idealist. Bessler is a rogue mi-go agent wanting to teach mankind the lore of his people. Frustrated by Jesus riding dinosaurs theories entering school curriculums, Bessler wants to enlighten the people. Governor Rossini’s newest advisor is also a mi-go agent, intent on destroying Bessler. Both Bessler and Rossini are scheduled to attend a police charity event that’s gotten national publicity.
The investigators are hired by Bessler to be his bodyguards at the function. Little do they know the Governor’s aid is looking to hack off Bessler’s head and disappear with hi brain.

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