Friday, February 17, 2017

Sanity Point 15 Endangered Species

Seriously, the Buffalo News did all the work for me in one headline: THE 10: LABATT POND HOCKEY, UNDIE RUN, ALIEN ABDUCTION. A good court drama: Defamation trial against Carl Paladino and Michael Caputo has been scheduled to begin next month. . And the end of America the beautiful: Longtime EPA adversary Scott Pruitt is confirmed to lead the agency.

The EPA is diminished. Endangered species begin dying out of existence at a rapid rate. Curious aliens start collecting all remaining endangered species to breed and live on another planet. One of these aliens, the Aiuetuithrhed, takes human form and goes by the name of Martin Moses. He becomes an activist and thorn in the side of the EPA’s corporate-friendly leader, Clinton Bessler. Bessler sets out to defame Moses, who sues. Bessler has Moses killed, and the autopsy reveals Moses wasn’t human. The investigators are sent in to learn all they can about Moses and become the only ones who can stop the Aiuetuithrhed from exterminating the human race.

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