Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sanity Point 09 Interdimensional Stadium

The first headline recalls a plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood: Widow recalls the night that Flight 3407 crashed into her Clarence home. Big money for prime real estate: The Pegulas pay $7 million for a building in the Cobblestone District.  Finally, the classic denial of a new football stadium. There are no active discussions or activity concerning a new Bills stadium, Howard Zemsky says.

Sibyl Lynch, heir to a vast fortune and Mythos scholar, recognized signs surrounding the crash of an airliner as being related to the appearance of Dimensional Shamblers on board the doomed craft. The plane exploded in a residential neighborhood, and Sibyl believes she the shamblers leapt to another dimension before the crash. She wants to purchase the land and build a dimensional-containment box on the site, then use a ritual to make the Dimensional Shamblers reappear at the site they vanished… and trap them. To get public approval for this odd purchase and construction, she promised to donate the land to the Buffalo Bills, including the entire neighborhood, to be the site of a new stadium. Squire Kleeman, owner of the Bills, doesn’t trust Lynch and hires the investigators to find out what she’s really up to.

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