Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sanity Point 25 Death By Taco

The sun is shining for once. Perhaps March will have relief from the horrors I’ve experienced in February. But again, the winds keep howling, and the neighbors’ animals keep screeching at all hours. Assuming all is well might be a delirious wish.
Free tacos! Lloyd, Uber join forces to give Buffalo free tacos.  Weather for horror: A high wind warning with gusts of 60 mph or more has been issued for most of Western New York.  And of course some murder: DA gets OK to appeal reversal of Matthew Kuzdzal's murder conviction.

All Uber cars are hacked by an unknown source, demanding all cars rendezvous on the ramp leading to the Peace Bridge for a free taco party. High winds whip through the area as the taco party gets under way, whisking the cars into the Niagara River. One of the Uber cars whisked to its destructions held the DA in charge of Addison Warner’s murder appeal. The next day, there’s another Uber demand that all cars meet at Niagara Falls for free tacos. Another strong wind whisks another DA in the Warner case to his death. All Uber drivers who resist going to the party are shaken about by their cars until beaten unconscious. The cars drive themselves. At this point, the DA’s office hires the investigators to look into these Uber killings. Turns out Warner’s wife is favored by Nyarlathotep, who’s causing chaos while helping Warner’s wife.
The investigators, at some point, fight creations of Nyarlathotep that take the form of walking tacos, which squirt flesh-melting hot sauce.

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