Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sanity Point 26 Food Courts of Death

Just saw a headline about a Senator sending cease and desist letters to constituents who disagree with his political stance. I have it on good authority, Cthulhu will never send such a letter… and may even pay you a visit.
Similar to what I was just talking about: COLUMN: CHRIS COLLINS STEERS CLEAR OF HIS CONSTITUENTS. Former Presidents and vehicles of war: Bill Clinton is expected to attend the commissioning of new Navy ship in Buffalo in September. I never ate there, but I’ve been suspicious about it. Boulevard Mall owner wins $1.2 million judgment against Original Honey's restaurant.

After winning litigation against a chain restaurant at his mall, landowner Sebastian Dorman becomes inflicted with a disease that warps his flesh and produces pus-filled pustules on his body. Dorman’s convinced he’s been poisoned by the owners of Original Honey. He finds his considerable influence washed up as his appearance frightens politicians and socialites. Dorman hires the investigators to look into Original Honey.
It turns out Original Honey is owned by a cult that worships Shub-Niggurath. Sure enough, the cult directed their god to consume Dorman. But death isn’t what Shub-Niggurath has planned directly for Dorman. The disease works on his mind, so that Dorman becomes a thoughtless slave of the god. He’s tasked with obtaining barrels of special seeds cultivated by the cult and placing them in the powder kegs on board the SS Adamski for its ceremonial commissioning. The seeds, combined with gunpowder, fired from the ship over Lake Erie, will fertilize the lake, altering its bottom to become a kingdom in Shub-Niggurath’s image, giving birth to creatures that worship the god… and eventually take over Buffalo with their natural biological weapons.
Will the investigators stop the cannons from firing and bringing about the end of the Nickel City?

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