Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sanity Point 29 Were Ever You Go

So close to the finish now. I feel pressure to go out strong. I’m hoping for world-shattering, globe-trotting plots… and I fear I’ll have a tale of a little girl ghost in an attic. Like rolling on random tales, the headlines will take me where the story needs to be.
Here’s a sad story: “Go To The Hospital Dude,” a friend texted Wardel "Meech" Davis shortly before Davis died in police custody. This is cryptic. Passengers catching buses, trains at Syracuse station offer lesson for Buffalo.  And a place for maniacs to breech the laws of science. UB's new medical school, 75 percent done, will house even more students and faculty.

A pack of werewolves pose as religious zealots at bus and train stations in Syracuse, NY. They give money to the passers-by that’s coated in werewolf saliva, that can soak through the skin into the blood, transforming someone into a werewolf through prolonged contact, like being stuffed in someone’s pocket for a couple hours, and the saliva seeps through the pocket lining and skin into the blood. Victims suffer a fever and restlessness during their bus and train ride. Upon arriving at their destination, they are full-blooded werewolves. Anderson Strong signed up for free dental treatments at the new UB medical school, not knowing the water used to rinse his mouth by dentist-in-training Elijah Eddie was tainted with werewolf saliva. Eddie had been transformed into a werewolf when getting on a bus in Syracuse to return to school. Upon arrival, he dreamt of wolves whispering to spread their numbers.
The rinse concentration was too strong for a man to handle, and Strong suffered breathing problems and heart palpitations while driving home from the university. He was pulled over for eratic driving. The officers found a dying half-transformed werewolf at the wheel of his car. The investigators are hired to solve the mystery surrounding Strong’s death.

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