Monday, March 6, 2017

Sanity Point 30 The Stones Sing Us to the End Times

When I drove home, the sky was clear. Now, showered and with a cup of tea brewing, a sad gray finds its way through my window. Such are my emotions as I bring this blog to its close. When I started out, I was uncertain if I could pull it off. I feared my knowledge of the Mythos wasn’t strong enough to pump out 30 plot lines inspired by headlines. I’m jovial to discover it wasn’t difficult at all, and I’m so happy many people enjoyed the content of these writing exercises. I’m already going back over the plots and picking which ones I want to flesh out into full modules.
But before that, there’s one last sanity point left to lose. Then, my future will be determined by a roll on the madness table.
Not a fan of chip readers. Still waiting for retinal scans. WEGMANS TOOK MORE THAN A YEAR TO ROLL OUT CHIP CARD READERS. HERE'S WHY.  Political shots fired via billboards: "Thank You Chris Collins! — Your REAL constituents," says billboard that went up Monday in Hamburg.  Think summer with our rundown on Darien Lake concerts announced to date.

Local millionaire and Senator Wilbur Click avoids his constituents, who dislike his politics. He secretly is a member of a Cthulhu cult as has been working on hypnosis techniques through electronics. A company owned by him got the contract to install credit card chip readers at a popular chain of grocery stores so that when people use their credit card chip and stare at the screen for permission to remove the card, they’re victim to a series of rapid subliminal hypnotic messages, planting messages in their minds. The first message is to at all costs attend the Rolling Stones concert at the local outdoor amphitheater this summer. The Stones are also members of the Cthulhu cult. At the concert, the band uses their music to trigger the second part of the hypnosis: getting the crowd to chant in unison. The chant causes the stars to be rearranged and set the world right so Cthulhu can return.
The investigators are hired to look into a 65 year-old guitarist in a Rolling Stones cover band, who on stage flipped out and began chanting the ritual on stage as his band played. Apparently his regiment of drugs weakened the conditions for the hypnosis trigger to work.  It was by fate that an antiquarian familiar with a Cthulhu cult in New Orleans recognized the ramblings for what they were: a prayer to Cthulhu.

There you go, we have a world-ending story and a complete 30 Sanity-losing plot lines. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Thanks for writing these, Garret! Always nice to see some modern Lovecraftian horror plot hooks.