Friday, March 3, 2017

Sanity Point 27 Finding Yourself at the Falls

How many headlines can I get from one headline? THE 10: ART OF BEER, OLCOTT POLAR BEAR SWIM, SHAMROCK RUN. Here’s something for the pet lovers: "I thought I was going to die:" Man recounts plunge into Niagara River to save dog.  I had a choice between this headline and a child rapist being sentenced. Since this is a blog for people to be inspired by people to use at their own tables, I’d imagine most Keepers’ groups would have an issue with such a plot element. There are lines for everyone, even in a horror game like Call of Cthulhu. Know where those lines are when you prepare for your tables. For my weekly gaming group, I can imagine 3 players who would not have issue treading these waters. Another one, a proud new uncle, would feel uncomfortable. Another is a Catholic father of three and would certainly not want to be involved in such a storytelling endeavor. That’s fine. This is a game of horror, but it’s still a game which we play to have fun. If your group can handle the child rapist plot, should you be inspired by me and build your plots from the headlines, go ahead and feel free to use that headline. By all means. But as a sign of acknowledgment that this is way more than most groups could handle in their gaming, I’ll give it a pass and instead use: SolarCity, gearing up to open factory here, cut 3,000 jobs in 2016.

Rupert Franklin loved the water. He was a fisherman by trade and took his young family up and down the Niagara River on his boat every chance he got. Even the coldness of the Niagara River never bothered Rupert, who was vice president of the Buffalo Polar Bear Club. Rupert’s wife, Letitia, worried about physical changes her husband was undergoing: bulging head, watery blue eyes and a flat nose. Rupert claimed this happened to all men in his lineage and was nothing to get doctors involved with. One day, Rupert saw a dog fall into the Niagara River. Rupert dove in and rescued him, nearly being swept over the Falls in the process, He attributed his survival to his strong swimming skills, A local colony of Deep One hybrids recognized from pictures in the newspaper what Rupert was. They approached Rupert, who began spending considerable time with the hybrids, making his wife concerned. Then, Rupert disappeared. Letitia hired the investigators, who tracked him down to the Solar City factory being built on Lake Erie. After a final confrontation, the almost completely transformed Rupert asked the investigators to tell his wife goodbye, and the hybrids sailed for the sea. Will the investigators follow? Will they understand what they’ve witnessed?

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