Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sanity Point 28 Opiate Loving Zombies and the Brains They're Addicted To

I have the pleasure of writing this an hour after getting cursed at by a bully of a customer at work and seeing how feeble it is to suggest not using certain language. The result of this verbal abuse was the shift supervisor asking the customer if everything was all right and assuring him we’ll try harder. And then the staff tried to joke the incident off. I know I handled it properly, but they have a problem with allowing bullies to treat the staff this way. I dedicate today’s headlines to that piece of shit and those people who allow such shit to flourish.

My twenty-something neighbor died of a heroin overdose. This was after she tried to kill her mother by beating her over the head repeatedly with a frying pan and letting her boyfriend take sole credit for the crime. Public health has long been her calling, but Erie County's opioid crisis is her biggest challenge yet.  The weather finally becomes winter: After warm and snowless February, Don Paul looks at forecasts for March. Speaking of spineless bullies, Trump administration reportedly considers drastic cuts in funding for Great Lakes restoration.

After federal cuts kill the Great Lakes restoration, lakeside businesses go belly up, making factories and warehouses a city haven for opiate users. The weather drops to sub-zero, those who don’t die from the opiates freeze to death. A scientist, Cecil Schiltgan, purchases the opium haven, ensuring the bodies inside aren’t found let alone removed. Cecil constructs a lab and uses various serums to try to reanimate the frozen corpses. The serum, combined with the opiates, create mindless violent monsters. The investigators become involved when the mother of a missing opiate addict contacts them, concerned about her daughter, Eugenie, who’s been missing since before the freeze. Will the mad scientist be caught? Will the investigators survive the subjects not yet destroyed by the doctor? What about Eugenie and the other monsters who escape, going on a tirade along the lake shore?

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